Best Picture

First Place - The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of CS Lewis - Norman Stone

Second Place - The Girl Who Believes in Miracles - Rich Correll

Third Place - Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist - Kevin Sorbo


Audience Choice Award

Tie - Return to Palau - Michelle Hamel

Tie - Back to Square One


Best Independent Feature

First Place - The Greatest Inheritance - John K.D. Graham

Second Place - Mindreader - Rich Christiano

Third Place - Paul’s Promise - Matthew Reithmayr


Best Family Feature

First Place - Doolittle - Stephan Gaghan

Second Place - Lady and the Tramp - Charlie Bean

Third Place - Elvis the Pig - Jason Mills


Best Documentary Feature

First Place - Conform: The Mennonite Migration to Mexico - Andrew Wall

Second Place - Return to Palau - Michelle Hamel

Third Place - The Case for Heaven - Mani Sandoval


Best Documentary Short

First Place - Bring Back the Whistle Dog - Bob Simpson

Second Place - Creative Icons - Scott A. Magie

Third Place - Everyone Needs an Army - Biko Franklin


Best Narrative Short

First Place - Babysteps - Stephanie Rossell

Second Place Tie - Lady in Ermine - Donna Digiuseppe

Second Place Tie - On/Off - Jurg Slabbert

Third Place - Awama - Mourad Kalai


Best Short Screenplay

First Place - Amberley’s Christmas - Patrick Gamble

Second Place - Moral Trial - Tyrel Haight


Best Feature Screenplay

First Place - When We Were JC Eaton - Claire Hutchinson & Ann I. Goldfarb

Second Place - Flashback Jane - Jaclyn Whitt

Second Place - The Christmas Star - Barnes and Billie Harris