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The festival purposely offers low cost admissions to make the festival accessible to everyone. Proceeds from the festival go back into the community. Thank you for helping us make cool, clean, compelling films available to everyone.

Available online and at the door

NKMB Church 1315 Gateway Road

Week day
Single: $5/day
Senior: $5/day
Family: $15/day
Week end
Single: $10/day
Senior: $7/day
Family: $20/day
Festival Pass
Full Pass
Single: $20
Senior: $15
Family: $40

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the proceeds of the festival go?
Due to our generous volunteers and donors, all ticket proceeds go to help various mission organizations locally and internationally. Please consider donating to help us continue to reach more people with the message of hope and healing. We thank you in advance for your consideration of these ministries and for making a difference in the lives of others.
Are films going to be available online?
We are very excited to be together again to watch and discuss cool, clean, and compelling films. The festival will be in-person only.
Can I buy festival tickets or passes online or in-person?
You will be able to purchase festival tickets and passes online and in-person. The cost will be the same for both options.

To avoid long line-ups to purchase tickets and passes, we highly encourage film-goers to purchase your tickets or passes online.

There will be a separate line for film-goers who have pre-purchased their tickets or passes. You will simply need to show proof of purchase by presenting the email confirmation either on your phone or have it printed.

After buying a pass, do I need to show proof of purchase every time I come to the festival?
No, if you buy a festival pass, you will be given a wristband the first time you arrive at the festival. After this, you can simply show your wristband.
Can I pay more for my ticket or pass to help support the festival?
When purchasing your ticket or pass online, you will be given an option to pay more. This is completely optional and please don't feel obligated to pay more.

Please remember that you will not be provided a tax receipt for this extra, free will donation.

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