Our lives were profoundly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, but the autism community was hit especially hard. With changes to supports, routines, communication, and much more, the autism community had to find new ways to persevere.

Thriving on the Spectrum is a documentary about the Denver-Metro area’s autism community in the face of this global challenge. Award-winning autistic filmmaker Scott Klumb jumped into this project with a sense of urgency and desire to capture the experience and the closeness of this community. Through intimate interviews with autistic individuals, teachers, employers, and professionals, the complex emotional fabric of this marginalized population is clearly articulated.

This film employs a variety of visual and storytelling approaches that express the multifaceted needs, interests, and efforts of a tight-knit and dedicated human family. Thriving on the Spectrum is a film about the autistic community of which the filmmaker himself is a part. Scott’s genuine connection to the subject presents an authentic account that is at once vulnerable and resilient.